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While my given name is Brandy, I have recently come to the realization that I am in fact, Chandler Bing.

Writer, reader, animal lover. I've been known to enjoy gifs. And fandom. And books. Supernatural is kind of eating my life right now. But I talk about serious stuff sometimes too.

Also, I like cake.

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One of my best friends, Dawn, is part Apache and a loyal Supernatural fan. A loyal Castiel fan and Misha Minion. While I am quite attached to Castiel, she is even more so. And I don’t think that Sera Gamble realizes that if she kills off Castiel, the type of rage and horror of the Apache will rain down upon her. Like when God sent fire and hail to Egypt.

And we’ll just tell her (Sera) or the cops, that Dawn was so embittered about the White man taking her land, and the whole killing-Castiel just pushed her over the edge.

That will hold up in court, right?

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    YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES lol. And then we’ll sneak back out there to burn down her lawn. For real, not like those...
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    I’LL COME FOR HER IN THE NIGHT. She’ll wake up and see me there, like this. THEN, THIS WILL HAPPEN. THEN, I WILL MELT...
  3. hostwiththemacklemost said: SHE HAS NO IDEA THE DESTRUCTION I CAN BRING. My knives and Tomahawks are ready.